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The Role of the FDA in the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the world awaits the end of the coronavirus pandemic, scientists work hard on developing a cure and a vaccine. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will play an important role in approving and moving forward with any treatment or vaccine. There are three primary ways we are dealing with this virus. Prevention States and […]

Your Employment Rights Under the ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) prohibits discrimination in employment against qualified individuals with disabilities. The law covers private employers, state and local governments, employment agencies, labor organizations (unions), and labor-management committees. The ADA makes it unlawful to discriminate in all employment practices, including recruitment, hiring, firing, training, job assignments, promotions, pay, benefits, […]

General Motors May be Shielded from Punitive Damages on Faulty Ignitions

A United States appeals court shielded General Motors from punitive damages related to alleged misconduct concerning faulty ignitions in their vehicles. The alleged misconduct took place before the company’s 2009 bankruptcy. This limits the company’s liability for more than 100 deaths caused by its faulty ignitions. The court reasoned that the new company that emerged […]

Oregon AG Sues Johnson Johnson Over Pelvic Mesh Concerns

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum filed a lawsuit in December 2019 against Johnson & Johnson, alleging that the company deceptively marketed its pelvic mesh devices. The suit, filed in Multnomah County, also named Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon. The suit alleges that the company deceptively marketed the devices by failing to disclose dangerous complications that […]

Should I be Concerned About NDMA

You may have heard the term NDMA in the news. A few drugs over the course of the past couple of years, including Valsartan and Zantac, have been recalled because they contained higher than acceptable levels of NDMA. But what is NDMA, and should you be concerned about it? What is NDMA? NDMA or N-nitrosodimethylamine […]

unemployment claim form on an office table

With the threat of COVID-19 forcing cities to encourage quarantining and the closure of many businesses, potentially thousands of Florida residents will be suddenly faced with unemployment. Many are seeking the assistance of unemployment compensation to get them through some difficult times. However, with a large number of people suddenly unemployed, it has been a […]

AAa Report Shows Driver Assistance Technology Can Lead to Distracted Driving

Cars have evolved over the last 100+ years. Now new cars have a whole host of driver assistance technology for convenience and safety. Features like lane-keeper assist, adaptive cruise control, and collision avoidance have proven to be very useful. However, using these systems may lead to distracted driving. Driver Assistance Technology New research from the […]

Study Shows Addictive Nicotine in Juul Nearly Identical to That in Cigarettes

Juul e-cigarettes are marketed as cigarette replacements and a tool to help smokers quit. In the past, they have even marketed their product to teens and young people. This has led to many young people, who never even smoked, using, and becoming addicted to the product. Juul has claimed that its product is safe. However, […]

How 5 US Cities are Improving Bicycle Safety

With its beautiful weather and scenery, it would seem that Florida would be the perfect place to ride a bicycle. However, studies have shown that Florida is the deadliest state for bicyclists. Bicyclists take their lives in their hands on the streets of Florida cities. Some cities across the country faced similar issues and have […]

Heartburn Drugs

In 2019, headlines were made when it was discovered that a number of popular medications, including the popular heartburn drug Zantac, were found to contain a cancer-causing agent. Researchers discovered that ranitidine, the active ingredient in Zantac and other heartburn drugs, contained higher than acceptable amounts of a substance called N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). NDMA has been […]