States Struggle to Regulate E-scooters

The e-scooter revolution has been billed as a safe and cost-effective way to travel around American cities. However, e-scooters are far from safe, and cities and states across the country have struggled to effectively regulate the industry. While they have attracted users because they are convenient and fun, e-scooters have proven to be a safety nightmare.

Cities Regulating E-Scooters

Cities have not been prepared for this evolution in mobility and have struggled with how to effectively regulate e-scooters for safety reasons. A Consumer Reports survey found that more than one in four e-scooter users didn’t even know which traffic laws they were obligated to follow. How do cities make room for e-scooters and still keep the public safe? Many cities have placed such restrictive regulations on e-scooters that companies have left. In other cities, there have been outright bans of the transportation method.

E-scooter companies have left San Diego, citing “strangling” regulations that were impacting their business. The city banned e-scooters on city boardwalks. It also implemented speed limits and restricted areas. San Diego State University banned use on campus. Helmet and licensing requirements in some cities have stifled the industry. Many cities have banned the use on sidewalks and have forced the scooters onto streets and bike lanes. Attempts have been made by some cities such as Nashville to ban e-scooters, and an outright ban has been successful in New York City.

There is likely a need for new laws that allow e-scooters to operate in cities but still takes safety into account. Local governments should be proactive and work with companies to develop common-sense regulations. There is currently no consistent set of laws and regulations for e-scooters nationwide.

Regulations Needed for Safety

E-scooters have proven to be a patently, unsafe mode of transportation. A study found that riders suffer an injury for every 5,000 miles ridden. It is clear that safety regulations of some sort are needed to keep the public safe. Private companies have filled the void of public regulation with their own set of rules, forcing users to agree to liability waivers before renting. Cities need to step in and enact workable regulations that protect the public and allow for the safe use of e-scooters.

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