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Gregg Matthew Goldfarb has been practicing civil litigation and representing hundreds of medical providers, large banks, small businesses and individuals in their various legal matters for nearly two decades. Mr. Goldfarb has recovered tens of millions of dollars from insurance companies for his clients and has prosecuted well over 3000 legal cases in state and federal courts.

Mr. Goldfarb has extensive experience in a variety of complicated civil litigation areas, including insurance, health care, products liability, class actions, civil rights and Qui Tam (“whistle blower”) claims.




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Areas of Practice

Healthcare Representation and Pip Litigation

I have represented hundreds of healthcare providers and successfully recover tens of millions of dollars for them.

Accidents & Injuries

Getting my clientele full, complete and rapid recovery is my number one aim.

Insurance Claims

These are the types of claims when you sue your insurance company when they wrongfully handle your claims.   These claims can be for insurance for your automobile, property, medical, and others.

Defective Products

Whether it be a defective hip replacements, diet drugs, pain relievers, and other defective products, my law firm has successfully recovered substantial sums of money several individuals injured by these products.

Whistleblowers Litigation

I have had the opportunity to represent whistleblowers who have helped both the federal and state government recover tens of millions of dollars of money stolen from the government.

Civil Rights

Much of my civil right litigation has been designed to not only bring adequate compensation for those discriminates, but also achieve wholesale changes to afford the public equal protection and access to all.


Because Every Client Matters


What to do if you have an automobile accident

First and foremost, protect yourself and your loved ones. Immediately after the accident, your car might be in a dangerous spot. Make sure to do what you think is necessary to protect yourself from further harm. Do not stand out in the roadway and expect that other drivers will not see you. Snap photographs of the way the cars end up being position and the damage to the vehicle. For more information, please locate my more detailed frequently asked question on this topic.

What to do if you have a serious fall at a business establishment.

Snap photographs of the fall scene, including the item that caused the fall. Whether it be liquid, a banana peel, or a poorly designed aisle-this photograph might be the most important piece of evidence you can obtain. Try and get witnesses names and numbers. Someone from the store might come by to investigate the scene and asked you what happened. Ask them for their full name. Try and obtain a copy of the report before you leave the store.

What to do if you have mold in your apartment.

Make sure you document the mold by photographs and to report this to the landlord, property management company, and owner of the unit. Your report should be dated and written. You should also call these individuals. Some people have very serious reactions to mold, while others do not. If you find yourself having medical issues, go immediately to your doctor. You might need to find alternate living arrangements until the problem is corrected.


How much is your hearing worth?

If you were in the U.S. military between 2003 & 2015, and suffered deafness, hearing loss or tinnitus, you may have a personal claim against 3M for defective earplugs.


The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

Recently a US jury awarded $80 million in damages to a cancer sufferer citing Monsanto’s Roundup® weed killer, used by gardeners, landscapers, farmers and farm workers. If you have been a Roundup® user and suffered health issues, it could be due to exposure to Roundup. You may have a case against Monsanto and its parent, the giant multinational company, Bayer.


Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.



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