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Things to Consider Before Signing a COVID-19 Immunity Waiver

As businesses across the country reopen after shutdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, immunity waivers are becoming more commonplace. Given the fact that the virus continues to spread, many businesses are trying to protect themselves by asking customers to waive their right to sue if they contract COVID-19 on a business’s premises. Companies are similarly […]

What Your Employer Can and Cannot Do When You Return to Work in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Many businesses have been shut down for months. But as states and cities open back up, thousands of employees are returning to work. As these workers return, they wonder about their personal safety and exposure to the coronavirus. There are a number of things an employer can and cannot do when it comes to safety […]

What is Qualified Immunity

If you’ve been following the news, then you have probably heard the term qualified immunity. There have been calls to abolish qualified immunity when it comes to cases involving the behavior of police officers. It is believed that this will result in police officers refraining from misconduct and brutal behavior. However, you may not understand […]

Hotel Chains Sued in Federal Court Over Trafficking

Under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, hotels can be held both civilly and criminally liable for allowing sex trafficking to occur on their premises. This law is now being put into play against three major hotel chains in federal court in Texas. In December 2019, victims in Houston filed three federal lawsuits alleging they were […]

Your Employment Rights Under the ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) prohibits discrimination in employment against qualified individuals with disabilities. The law covers private employers, state and local governments, employment agencies, labor organizations (unions), and labor-management committees. The ADA makes it unlawful to discriminate in all employment practices, including recruitment, hiring, firing, training, job assignments, promotions, pay, benefits, […]

Liability Issues in Sex Trafficking Cases

Thousands of people in the United States and around the world have endured the control of another person against their will. Trafficking has become an epidemic in this country and is an example of modern-day slavery. In the last ten years, 49,000 reports of human trafficking have been made to the National Human Trafficking Hotline. […]

heels at night by car

When the Super Bowl arrives in South Florida on February 2nd, it brings with it increased business for hotels and other local businesses. However, it also brings in an influx of human traffickers and trafficking victims. Human trafficking is the second-largest criminal industry behind drug trafficking, and millions of men and women are victims. Miami-Dade […]

Police Brutality

Police officers take an oath to protect and serve the community. Their job is to keep the public safe. However, sometimes police officers go too far and fail to respect the civil rights of citizens. Police officers who escalate a situation rather than deescalate can cause serious and unnecessary injury. Excessive Force Police brutality and […]