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5 Steps to Take After Your Bicycle Accident

When bicycles and cars are involved in accidents, the results can be tragic. If you are involved in a bicycle accident, it’s a stressful time, but you should try and remain calm. There are some important steps you can take after your bicycle accident that can help your claim. Call the Police It is always […]

5 E-Scooter Safety Tips

It’s almost spring, and it’s the perfect time to explore your city on an e-scooter. E-scooters are a fun and convenient way to get around. However, e-scooters can also be dangerous, and people involved in accidents can sustain serious injuries. Here are some tips for staying safe on e-scooters: Wear a Helmet One of the […]

5 Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicycling is a fast-growing form of transportation, but it isn’t always the safest way to travel. Bicycles don’t offer the same protection and safety features that a car does. If a bicyclist is involved in an accident, the injuries can be very serious. Some common bicycle accident injuries include: Head Injuries While cyclists can mitigate […]

Bike Safety

A report published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) analyzed accident data for bicyclists and other cyclists. The report found that in 2017, there were 783 cyclists killed in motor vehicle accidents in the United States. Cyclist deaths accounted for 2.1 percent of deaths from traffic accidents. Florida was the state with the […]

The Future of E-scooter Programs

Coronavirus is changing the way people travel around cities. Many people are seeking to avoid the close quarters posed by public transportation. E-scooters, by definition, allow for safe social distancing, and micro-mobility seems to be the wave of the future. Ridership of e-scooters has doubled during the pandemic in many cities. As a result, some […]

What Makes Bicycle-Car Collisions Different

Accidents involving bicycles and cars happen too frequently and can result in serious injuries. When a bicycle and a car collide, there are some important issues that arise that make these collisions different than typical car accidents. Serious Injuries Bicycle-car accidents frequently involve serious injuries, especially to the bicyclist. A bicyclist doesn’t have the outer […]

Do Bike Lanes Really Reduce Accidents

As cities across the country install more bike lanes on their streets, many wonder whether these bike lanes really protect bicyclists and reduce accidents. The point of bike lanes is to give cyclists a dedicated space where they can ride safely and coexist with vehicular traffic. However, there are mixed reviews when it comes to […]

Can Bike Share Programs Make Cycling Safer

Bike share programs have become more popular in cities across the country, and now new information has found that they may make cycling overall safer. Before the city of Philadelphia began its bike share program in 2015, it had been facing an increasing rate of bicycle and car accidents. Researchers publishing in the American Journal […]

Safety Tips for Bicyclists and Pedestrians

People across the country are remaining home as a result of COVID-19. This has led to an increased number of people riding their bikes and taking walks around their neighborhood. Given the increase in bicyclists and pedestrians, it has become more important than ever to be aware of safety issues. Here are some helpful tips […]

What do Citi Bike Waivers Mean for Users

Citi Bikes have become a popular way of getting around on the streets of Miami. To use a Citi Bike, you purchase a membership or buy a short-term pass through the Citi Bike app. You then use the app to locate an available bike nearby. You then get a ride code or use your member […]