What Makes Bicycle-Car Collisions Different

Accidents involving bicycles and cars happen too frequently and can result in serious injuries. When a bicycle and a car collide, there are some important issues that arise that make these collisions different than typical car accidents.

Serious Injuries

Bicycle-car accidents frequently involve serious injuries, especially to the bicyclist. A bicyclist doesn’t have the outer protection and safety features that a vehicle has and is, therefore, more vulnerable to severe injury. Even a bicyclist that is wearing a helmet is placed at risk. The impact of a two-ton vehicle with a bicyclist is different than the impact of two vehicles. Bicyclists can sustain serious head injuries, fractures, organ damage, and severe road rash after a collision with a car.

Types of Accidents

Due to the nature of bicycles and how they use the road, the types of accidents involving bicycles and cars are different. Accidents frequently occur when a driver isn’t paying attention and rear-ends a bicycle in front of them. They can also occur when a car sideswipes a bicycle that is riding on the side of the road. Accidents at intersections are also common. In addition, there can be a car and a bicycle collision even if a car isn’t moving. Dooring occurs when a car door opens into an oncoming cyclist, causing injury.

Liability Issues

In a situation where there is a bicycle vs. car collision, it is frequently the driver of the car that is liable for the accident. The cause of the accident is typically a driver’s failure to pay attention to the road and not seeing the low profile bicyclist. However, bicyclists are also obligated to follow the rules of the road. They must obey traffic laws and signals and be aware of their surroundings at all times. If a bicyclist fails to use an available bike lane, disobeys traffic signals, or improperly passes a car, they may be liable for any accident that occurs.

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