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There’s a first for everything. Gregg Goldfarb, attorney, has over 25 years of experience representing clients, including individuals, small businesses, and medical professionals. His practice provides dedicated representation for clients in cases that include accidents, defective products, insurance claims, PIP insurance claims, civil rights, and whistleblower claims. He also hosts the “Cut to the Chase” Podcast where they talk about compelling legal cases and more

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‘Cut to the Chase’ Podcast

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I’m Lorena Tomasini, your host, and owner at MALM Life and Health Insurance Agency where we help families and business owners protect their pocket when life happens! Ask about our financial protection review all done through the phone or computer. To learn more about us, in Florida, Texas, or Nebraska, visit our website at

Are you suffering from a serious injury due to no fault of your own? Did your household product, medicine, or medical device cause serious health damage? Are you overwhelmed by the pain, emotional stress, and financial pressure that has been forced on you and your family? Don’t wait or hope for justice — let Gregg Goldfarb help you demand it from the people responsible.