On this episode of Cut to the Chase:, I interview Jeff Dylan.   Jeff is the new kid on the block.   During the daytime, he is a transactional lawyer at a Manhatten law firm.   At night, he does a weekly standup comedy show at Jack Diamonds bar in the Big Apple at 27th and Lex (for those not familiar with Manhatten slang-Lex is Lexington).   Jeff also MCs that weekly event.   

If that wasn’t enough, Jeff is also a podcast host.   I met Jeff when yours truly was a guest on another podcast that Jeff hosts called the Lawyer Interviews, episode 45.  I will share that show soonish.    You can go to their instagram page at @lawyerinterviews to get a gander of why I love that podcast.  The show is like a meme driven production that goes into the day to day lives of lawyers.    

When Covid shut down live shows, Jeff created an instagram page to showcase his comedy.   You gotta check that out at @attorneyatlawlz.  

So follow and subscribe to lawyerinterviews and Jeff’s instagram page to keep up to speed with all that rigamarole.


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