In this episode of Cut to the Chase podcast, host Gregg Goldfarb speaks to Ruth Rizkalla, a partner at the Carlson Law Firm in Los Angeles, about the potential correlation between taking Tylenol during pregnancy and an increased risk of autism in children.

Ruth explains that:

  • Taking Tylenol while pregnant increases the risk of a child developing autism up to four times.

  • Manufacturers knew there was a risk and put it on the market anyway.

  • Mothers and doctors are generally unaware of this risk.

  • Evidence to support her claim includes six European studies from 2013 linking APAP consumption during pregnancy to autism and a 2021 consensus statement signed by 90 scientists stating that something needs to be done about the link between Tylenol consumption during pregnancy and autism.

The conversation also involves a discussion about:

  • A lawsuit where a child with autism is seeking treatment compensation.

  • The dangers of ibuprofen and a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company for harm caused by their product.

  • The names behind the studies and whether they are recognizable to the public.

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights into the potential link between taking Tylenol during pregnancy and the risk of autism in children, and highlights the importance of understanding the risks associated with pharmaceuticals.


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