Are you certain that the experts you hire are helping build a rock-solid case, or could they be the weak link that dismantles your arguments in court?


In this episode, you’ll discover the intricacies behind finding and vetting legal experts, learn about the proprietary technology revolutionizing this process, and understand how to leverage these resources to gain a litigation edge.


With the increasing complexity and specialization in legal cases, the demand for high-quality, well-vetted experts has never been higher. Whether it’s personal injury, commercial litigation, or intellectual property disputes, the right expert can make or break a case.


That’s why we’ve invited Dr. Ross Green, Executive Vice President of Sales at Expert Institute, to share his wisdom. An ENT specialist who has transitioned into the legal-medical world, Ross brings a unique blend of medical and legal expertise that is invaluable for law firms seeking the best experts for their cases. We brought him on the show to dive into the nuances of hiring top-tier experts and to learn about the innovative approaches his company employs.


In this episode of the Cut to the Chase: Podcast, Gregg and Ross discuss: 

  • The Importance of Expert Witnesses in Legal Cases

  • Services Offered by Expert Institute that include, Expert Searches, Record Reviews, Literature Provision, and Due Diligence on Opposing Experts

  • Custom Recruiting Process for Experts

  • Subscription vs. One-Off Services

  • Tech and Human Elements in Expert Vetting

  • Family, Probate, and Business Law Applications

  • Reviewing Opposing Experts with Expert Radar

  • Litigation Guides and Newsletters

  • Medical Chronologies and the Role of AI


Key Actionable Takeaways for Law Firms:

  • Custom recruitment of experts ensures a tailored match for your specific case requirements.
  • Utilize proprietary technology and human vetting to find and validate expert credentials.
  • Leverage subscription models for consistent and cost-effective expert sourcing.
  • Use expert record reviews and literature to solidify case foundations before filing.
  • Monitor opposing experts using Expert Radar to anticipate and counter their arguments.


Enhancing your legal strategy with the best experts can significantly impact the outcome of your cases. As you navigate the complexities of today’s legal landscape, remember that thorough vetting and informed choices are your best allies. Tune in and let Ross Green’s insights elevate your approach to hiring legal experts.


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