Are social media companies doing enough to prevent sex trafficking and protect vulnerable individuals online?

In a world increasingly reliant on social media for connectivity and communication, how can the legal industry and advocacy efforts combat the rising threats of exploitation, discrimination, and violence in the digital realm?

Today, we have a very special guest on the show, Micha Star Liberty, the CEO and Founder of Lionhearted Leader and Founder of The Soaring Center. These two organizations dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to overcome injustice and discrimination in areas such as sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and employment discrimination.

Did you know that Micha Star Liberty was awarded “Street Fighter of the Year” for her unwavering dedication to seeking justice for survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation? 

This passionate advocate has made waves in the legal industry with her relentless pursuit of accountability and empowerment.

In this episode of the Cut to the Chase: Podcast, Gregg and Micha discuss: 

– The prevalence and methods of sex trafficking

– Insights into the role of lawyers in assisting victims and holding perpetrators accountable

– The potential responsibilities of social media companies in preventing trafficking

– Challenges and potential solutions in combating online exploitation

– The impact of legislation and advocacy efforts on addressing human trafficking

Key actionable takeaways for Law Firms:

– Stay informed and engaged in legislative efforts to combat human trafficking

– Collaborate with advocacy organizations to support survivors and prevent exploitation

– Utilize legal expertise to seek compensation and justice for victims of trafficking

– Advocate for accountability and transparency from social media platforms in addressing online exploitation


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 Join us in advocating for a safer, more just world by educating ourselves and taking action against exploitation and injustice.

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