Do you have a will or a trust? Which one do you need as a business owner? How do you get started in estate planning and wealth preservation?

This is crucial information you should know, especially if you own a business!

The true cost of not having a will or trust can hugely impact your spouse/partner, parents, children, business partners, and beyond.

We want you to be as educated and prepared as possible so your assets stay protected when you pass away. Although it can be a heavy subject that’s easy to put off a few more years, the benefits of estate planning are so worth it! That’s why, on this episode of the Cut to the Chase: Podcast, Gregg Goldfarb interviews Taylor Willingham, an Estate and Planning Attorney based in Texas. Taylor founded Willingham & Galvan in 2010 and has since grown it into a trusted estate planning, wealth preservation, and asset protection firm.

Taylor has all the answers for your most pressing questions, so tune in and let’s get your estate planning started.

Join Gregg and Taylor on “Cut to the Chase” as they discuss:

  • The difference between wills and trusts & Why you need each.

  • What happens to your money/business if you don’t have a will or trust when you die?

  • How to protect your business partnership in case one of you passes away.

  • Estate planning tips for unmarried relationships (with/without kids).

  • Estate planning taxes and issues you should be aware of.

  • The typical cost of creating a will, tax planning, and more.

  • What you should know about advanced directives, powers of attorney, and living wills if you become incapacitated.

  • The important difference between creating a will online vs. with an attorney.

  • When to hire a professional trustee.

  • How to protect your social media accounts before you die.

Remember, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Start protecting your assets today!

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

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