In this episode of Cut to the Chase, host Gregg Goldfarb interviews Ruth Rizkalla, a partner at Carlson Law Firm in Los Angeles who specializes in mass torts social media litigation. Rizkalla has over two decades of experience and has been involved in major litigations such as 3M, Alta PR product, Elron, prayer guard, Zoloft. The discussion focuses on the harm caused by social media platforms to minors, ongoing litigation against social media companies, and the need for changes in social media platforms to protect minors from harmful content and challenges.

Here’s what they discussed:

  • Social media platforms expose minors to harmful content and challenges such as the “blackout challenge” and the “I killed myself” challenge.

  • Ongoing litigation against social media companies for their role in harming children’s mental health has been consolidated in federal and state courts.

  • Clinical studies and surveys have been conducted to support the claims of harm caused by social media companies to minors.

  • Ruth Rizkalla alleges that social media companies are aware of the harm caused by their algorithms and technology but are doing nothing to address it.

  • The companies argue that they are simply bulletin boards and cannot control the content, but Rizkalla argues that they can control their algorithms and technology, which are designed to hook minors.

Holding social media companies accountable for the harm caused to minors is of utmost importance, according to Ruth Rizkalla. Changes in social media platforms are needed to protect minors from harmful content and challenges. As a lawyer specializing in mass torts social media litigation, Rizkalla continues to advocate for justice for those affected by the negligence of social media companies

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