On this episode of Cut to the Chase: we give some of the exciting updates in the world of science. As we approach the Fall of 2023, this year continues to demonstrate that perhaps the scientists still don’t know everything there is to know about our planet. Amongst the exciting updates, Dr. Adam Leibovich, our regular contributor on all things physics, has been named Dean of the Arts and Science at University of Pittsburgh.   So major congratulations are in order for that achievement.  Dr. Leibovich goes through three topics in this update. First, we go through the recent experiment with the muon, a subatomic particle, and what that means for the Standard Model. The experiment was run and confirmed the existence of other types of matter and energy that exist in the universe that scientists have not accounted for. So now the search for what these particles, matter, and energy are will keep physicists busy and excited for the future. Second, the James Webb Space Telescope has passed its one year anniversary. Dr. Leibovich goes through a few of the exciting things that the telescope has observed, including the most detailed infrared image of the universe ever created. And third, the ongoing dream of trying to make nuclear fusion a reality reached a recent milestone at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory which used 192 lasers to ignite a fusion reaction that produced more energy than was used to trigger it.   Although the old saying that we are “30 years away” from making nuclear fusion commercially viable might still be the case, the milestone was significant as it replicated the achievement of creating more energy than was used to create the reaction. As Dr. Leibovich notes, in the world of science, replication of the experiment is always significant. Now, the world just needs a significant amount of funding and effort to help make nuclear fusion commercially viable. Scaled up nuclear fusion could be a solution towards getting the world off fossil fuels without having to mine the planet for materials to making EVS, solar and wind powered apparatus.

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First Images from James Webb Telescope Revealed-What We Saw

Learn more about Adam and his career https://www.as.pitt.edu/adam-leibovich-dean

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