On this episode of Cut to the Chase:, Peter Mougey, Shareholder with the Levin Papantonio law firm and serving on the Executive Committee for what the Washington Post calls the “most and largest and most complex litigation in the history of jurisprudence” -the National Prescription Opiate Litigation discuss what has been reported as a settlement.   Mr. Mougey explains what this case, which essentially consists of 3000 cases filed by local and state governments throughout the United States, is all about.   Opium has been around for a long time.  Wars have been fought over and named after Opium.   So when some of the pharmaceutical companies started pushing the opioid pills to deal with our pain in the late 1990s, it should have come as no surprise that hundreds of thousands have died from overdosing on opium, including 93,000 in 2020.   But after 4 years of litigation, is this case settled?   What does that mean for those addicted or those who have a loved one addicted to opioids?   Jump on in and get your answers.