In this episode, we have Mike Burns, from the esteemed law firm Mostyn Law Firm, who has been closely involved in the ongoing 3M settlement, back for another segment! Mike Burns brings years of experience in handling mass tort cases, and his expertise has allowed him to secure substantial settlements for his clients. In this episode, Mike will provide us with a detailed update on the progress of the 3M settlement, covering key points such as the expedited process, full review process, and the potential payout timeline. On this episode of Cut to the Chase, Gregg and Mike talk about the current status of the case. Topics relate to:  – Understanding the expedited process and its advantages for claimants. – Exploring the formula used to equate points to dollars in the settlement. – Analyzing the estimated number of claimants and the process involved in the full review process. – Unveiling the time frame for payouts and the importance of selecting between expedited and full review by year-end. – Investigating the role of Judge Rogers in overseeing the case and ensuring fair compensation for claimants. – Examining the funding mechanism of the $6 billion settlement and the implications of stock sale. – Discussing the progress of the settlement, including recent transfers of funds to plaintiffs and deductions for medical liens and common benefit funds. – Highlighting the role of communication and the need to stay in touch with legal representation throughout the settlement process. – Shedding light on the extraordinary injury fund and eligibility criteria for expedited review. – Revealing the status of wave cases and the flat fee payout involved. – Providing insights into the significance of the earplugs involved in the settlement and their discontinued usage. – Appreciating the efforts of the plaintiff’s lawyers and experts involved in the case. – Key actionable takeaways: – Understand the importance of proper legal representation in pursuing claims related to injuries or damages. – Stay informed and regularly communicate with your law firm for updates and necessary actions. – Make informed decisions regarding the expedited or full review process based on potential gains. – Consult with legal experts to explore any available funds or additional compensation options. – Stay aware of industry trends and legal issues to protect your business from potential liabilities.

– Check out this comprehensive FAQ page regarding the settlement here:,How%20long%20will%20it%20take%20to%20receive%20compensation%3F Don’t miss this exclusive episode as we dive into the latest updates on the 3M settlement with the knowledgeable Mike Burns. For more information and FAQs on the settlement, please visit the provided link. Remember to leave us a five-star review, share your thoughts, and subscribe for future episodes!

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