When Eric Fong takes on a seemingly hopeless case of a quadriplegic victim whose life was shattered by a violent robber, he discovers a shocking conspiracy to protect a powerful corporation at the expense of justice and is determined to pursue justice despite the odds.

Join Gregg Goldfarb and guest Eric Fong, a seasoned attorney, as they explore the importance of trial experience for lawyers in this episode of Cut to the Chase.

Fong sheds light on the shocking fact that many attorneys lack trial expertise, despite the constitutional right to a jury trial. He recounts his $91 million verdict in the Will Tillsdale case, which exposed the duty of convenience stores to protect their customers from foreseeable harm.

The conversation also delves into the trend of large corporations filing for bankruptcy in mass tort cases, which infringes upon the right to a jury trial. Sadly, the Tillsdale verdict was recently overturned in the court of appeals, dealing a blow to securing this right.

In this episode, we dive into how to:

  • Grasp the significance of trial experience for attorneys handling jury trials.

  • Understand the responsibility businesses have to shield clients from potential danger.

  • Explore the complexities involved in dividing damages in high-stakes cases.

  • Recognize the role trust and integrity play in maintaining a sound justice system.

  • Examine the growing impact of corporate influence on jail systems, highlighting the need for empathetic care.

 The discussion underscores the vital role trial experience plays in attorneys’ ability to handle jury trials effectively. It also highlights the duty of businesses to safeguard their customers and the ongoing battle for the right to a jury trial in mass tort cases.

Don’t miss this insightful discussion that examines the intricacies of the legal system and its impact on our society. 

Tune in to Cut to the Chase to learn more about the significance of trial experience for attorneys, the duty of businesses to protect customers, and the ongoing fight for a fair justice system.

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