Are you aware of your intellectual property’s worth in today’s competitive market?

Entrepreneurs often undervalue their services and overlook the significance of protecting their intellectual property, which can be an invisible pitfall in both the legal industry and the broader business world.

Today, we have Sharon Tasman, a seasoned business and healthcare technology attorney from HTBiz Law, on the show to unravel the complexities of valuing and protecting intellectual property.

With 30 years of legal experience and a transition from handling multibillion-dollar contracts at Hogan Levels to nurturing entrepreneurs and startups, Sharon’s expansive knowledge makes her an encyclopedia for any entrepreneur looking to up their game.

On this episode of the Cut to the Chase: Podcast, Gregg and Sharon Chat About:

  • Understanding intellectual property importance and value

  • The hidden costs in entrepreneurship and the financial implications

  • Legal strategies that secure your internet presence

  • Analyzing the benefits and differences of LLC vs. S Corp

  • The significance of human creativity in copyright law and AI’s role

  • The unique business challenges women face and how “Age is an Asset”

  • Sharon’s personal anecdotes and the “uncooperative iPods” moment

  • Engaging reminders for interaction with our community

Key Actionable Takeaways for Law Firms:

  • Review and adjust pricing and legal policies annually

  • Ensure client agreements are protective and fair

  • Authenticate important business documents, such as an LLC operating agreement and contracts

  • Recognize and advocate for the value of intellectual property within your firm and for your clients

This episode with Sharon Tasman is a treasure trove of legal and business wisdom, putting the spotlight on the value of what we create and protect. Be sure to implement these takeaways into your practices to not just chase but capture success. Remember, don’t just protect your assets; amplify their worth!

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

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