When was the last time you met a lawyer that went above and beyond for their clients? It’s not often you come across an attorney that not only wants justice in the courtroom, but also to correct the problem for others in the future. 

In a special episode of Cut to the Chase, we have the privilege of hosting attorney Michael Haggard, a remarkable legal professional who goes above and beyond to advocate for his clients. Michael’s unwavering commitment to his clients sets him apart.  In addition to spectacular courtroom results, he also actively engages in legislative advocacy, pushing for reforms that address the systemic issues impacting those he represents. 

During our conversation, we focus on the recent tort reform in Florida and its implications for victims seeking justice and fair compensation. Together with host Gregg Goldfarb, we delve into the intricate changes within Florida’s tort reform landscape, providing attorneys with a comprehensive understanding of the changes in the laws.   We also discuss the shifting property insurance laws and the potential impact on client security.

Furthermore, we examine the effects of shorter filing windows for claims and their implications for the rights of individuals seeking resolution. Through his firsthand experiences, Michael simplifies complex concepts and offers practical insights for navigating these legal challenges.

Join Gregg and Michael on “Cut to the Chase” as they discuss:

– The intricate changes in Florida’s tort reform scene and understand its relevance to you.

– New shifts in property insurance laws and their potential impact on your security.

– Shorter window for filing claims and how it could affect your rights.

– Firsthand experiences of the impact of tort reform on a common person, simplifying the complex.

– The significance of employing lawyers with significant trial experience.

– Why Insurance companies want decisions to be made coldly in a boardroom and don’t like individuals resolving disputes in the greatest system ever on this earth-the right to a jury trial.

The key takeaways mentioned in this episode are:

– Ask your lawyer if they have tried a case in the last year or two. Make sure they have a track record of trying cases and getting results.

– If you have a first-party insurance claim, such as a health insurance claim or a claim for property damage, be prepared to hire your own attorney and pay them a percentage of your recovery. Insurance companies may be more likely to deny or delay claims now that they know you may not be able to afford legal representation.

– Be aware of the shortened statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Florida. The deadline to file a claim has been reduced from four years to two years. This could result in people missing the deadline and being unable to seek justice.

– In cases where both the plaintiff and the defendant share fault, Florida used to be an comparative fault state where each party would pay their fair share. However, recent changes in the law may result in plaintiffs receiving no compensation if they are found to be fifty percent at fault.

Michael Haggard’s website: http://haggardlawfirm.squarespace.com/michael-a-haggard/

Join us for an enlightening discussion with Michael Haggard on Cut to the Chase, where we explore the role attorneys can play in effecting meaningful change beyond the courtroom.

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