How can trial lawyers make a real impact in addressing the ongoing issue of gun violence in America?

The legal industry’s innovative approach to addressing gun violence and the impact of litigation on social issues.

We are thrilled to welcome Tom D’Amore, the Managing Partner/Owner of D’Amore Law Group, renowned for his unique perspective on addressing gun violence through legal action.

Tom D’Amore is a board-certified truck accident law and board-certified civil trial advocate with a distinct focus on advocating for measures to improve safety in society.

In this episode, we delve into the legal industry’s potential to effect change in gun violence prevention and the challenges surrounding the accountability of gun manufacturers.

Gregg Goldfarb and Tom D’amore Dive Into:

   – Insights into recent mass shootings and the legal landscape surrounding them.

   – Leveraging civil justice and litigation as a catalyst for change in addressing gun violence.

   – The role of gun manufacturers and the complexities of pursuing legal action against them.

   – Examining real-world cases and their impact on the legal battle against gun violence.

Key actionable takeaways:

– Gain valuable insights into how the legal industry can play a pivotal role in addressing societal issues, the intricacies of pursuing legal action against gun manufacturers, and leveraging litigation for positive social change.

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Join us for a compelling discussion with Tom D’Amore as we explore the legal industry’s novel approach to confronting gun violence, and the power of litigation in effecting meaningful change.


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