On this special 100th episode of Cut to the Chase:, don’t get confused.   I am the guest…on another podcast called Lawyer Interviews.   The show is about my career, although not comprehensive.   

Just before entering law school, I was involved in a rollover with my own SUV in 1988.   One of the first SUVs, it turned out that it was defective and prone to rollover without the necessary and available safety features.  Of course, I didn’t know that as the car manufacturer never told me.  After graduating college, the rollover took place, resulting in the death of my then girlfriend (who was on her way to University of Chicago Law School) and significant physical trauma to me, including losing a finger.  I decided to delay law school for a few years and went traveling and doing odd jobs before beginning law school at the U, University of Miami.   After a mediocre performance, I was left jobless and decided to start my own non-profit, Clean Miami River, that was designed to clean the river by stopping the commercial sector along the river from polluting.   Before I knew it, I was hired by some other environmental groups to help try 2 lengthy administrative trials involving the Keys and the Everglades.   After those trials, I got hired to file a class action against a car manufacturer for a defective break system.   During that case, I learned that my SUV was being investigated by the Federal National and Highway Transportation Administration for systemtic rollover safety issues.   Well, before I give you the whole Gregg Goldfarb, Esq. story, you will need to listen to the 100th episode of Cut to the Chase:.    Now, there were some juicy bits of my story that were left off so maybe there will be another chapter.  



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