On this episode of Cut to the Chase:, one of the lead attorneys of the Surfside Class Action, Adam Moskowitz, comes on 1 year to the day of the collapse of the Champlain Towers South killing 98 people and leaving over 100 others homeless to discuss the settlement of the case.   Adam discusses some of the shocking details of the collapse and how this settlement was done so quickly.   With 48 defendants involved, you would have thought that this case could have dragged out for a decade with each of the defendants pointing their fingers at each other.   Adam, along with several other prominent attorneys, worked long and tireless.  Judge Michael Hanzman did a remarkable job pushing this case at a pace not seen before.   

Now that the settlement has been approved, those eligible for their settlements need to go through the claims process.   There is a deadline so PAY ATTENTION TO THE DEADLINES.  

Some of the victims are not represented by attorneys, but they can still file their claims. AGAIN THE CLAIMS MUST BE DONE PROPERLY AND TIMELY.    Adam has graciously offered to talk to any of the victims or family members of victims to guide them through the claims process.   Here is Adam’s link to contact him.  https://moskowitz-law.com/adam-moskowitz

A big shoutout to Adam, Judge Hanzman, and many others that secured justice for the victims of this tragedy.  




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