On this episode of Cut to the Chase:, Luke Russell from Russell Media comes on to discuss his marketing firm and how they differ from the other marketers, some of whom use rather questionable practices.   I have known for several years and use Luke for marketing and know that he is savvy and truthworthy.   Many lawyers cringe when hearing about marketing and many lawyers are cringing even more as they are not marketing and see their caseloads dwindle.   Marketing is not just billboards, bus benches, and tv ads….just listen to Luke tell you a bit of how Russell Media markets.  To talk with him to see what he can do for your mass tort portfolio or your single incident cases (trucking, motorcycle, etc), here is his contact info.  https://russellmedia.us/about-russell-media/luke-russell/

Luke’s talents don’t end at the marketing world.   He also has his own podcast, Lawful Good Podcast, featuring lawyers and their stories both inside and outside of the world of trials.    Fascinating and fun-check it out.  https://lawfulgoodpodcast.com/

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