On this episode of Cut to the Chase:, Christos Lagos comes on to sit side by side me in front of the Miami Dade County Courthouse to discuss some of today’s big issues-bankruptcy in mass tort litigation and crumbling infrastructure.   

I keep getting questions from the audience about whether Fortune 500 companies that make dangerously defective products that are killing or maiming tens of thousands of us are going to use the bankruptcy process (like Johnson & Johnson is doing with it’s talcum powder pending litigation) to try and undermine the Constitutional right to a jury trial and get off for pennies on the dollars.   

The answer might depend on several factors.   Christos, who was selected by the biggest legal names in South Florida to be the lead attorney on the F.I.U. bridge collapse litigation, discusses how bankruptcy was used in that litigation in a positive way.   

Additionally, Christos and I discuss another looming problem faced globally and here in the United States-crumbling infrastructure.   According to reliable sources 1/3 of our country’s bridges are deficient.   The condo collapse in Surfside and the Miami Dade County Courthouse’s structural problems are becoming just another major issue that we are faced with these days.   

If you are injured due to defective construction or infrastructure, hell if you are or a loved one are victimized by a catastrophic injury, give Christos a call.  Or if you a lawyer handling a complicated case that you need some assistance on with an attorney that will comprehensively put the case together AND take it through trial….here is the link to his law firm to connect with him.  https://www.christoslagos.com/

And here is a link to some information on just how bad our infrastructure is in the United States.  https://www.christoslagos.com/




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