On this episode of Cut to the Chase:, Mike Papantonio discusses the latest development in the world of food products that are causing massive damage to society.   This time its baby formula-cow milk based formula which is causing life threatening gastrointestinal disorder to premature infants.   Pap, as he is fondly known by, is and has been a crusader in the world of mass torts for over 3 decades.   One of the youngest attorneys ever inducted in the Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame, Mike’s resume as a trial attorney and the impact he has had getting billions of dollars of compensation for the ordinary person and putting numerous dangerous corporations out of business, is just part of his MO.   You can follow Mike on TV, Radio, or come and chat him up at the world’s greatest conference for lawyers and marketers–Mass Torts Made Perfect.   Mike has taught us all.   If you like reading legal fictions, he has authored 7 outstanding novels showcasing the just how bad corporate greed has been.    And I hear he is a great sax player and athelete.   

Here is a link to his bio.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Papantonio

And a link to his law firm’s campaign to contend with dangerous baby formulas.    https://www.levinlaw.com/baby-formula-lawsuit


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