On this episode of Cut to the Chase:, Professor Rodger Citron from Touro Law Center goes through Justice Breyer’s history, philosophy, and some of his significant cases.   As an Administrative Law Professor, Professor Citron provides a detailed analysis of the Chevron doctrine, one of the most significant legal principles in how SCOTUS analyzes agency interpretations of their regulations.   Whether it be the EPA determining whether it has jurisdiction to regulate Co2 or the FDA has authority to regulate children’s food, what happens with the Chevron doctrine will be a major focus this upcoming term and the following ones as well.   What, if anything, will be Justice Breyer’s legacy?   Take a listen to Professor Citron for his take on all these issues.

Click this link to see Professor Citron’s biography.  https://www.tourolaw.edu/AboutTouroLaw/Bio/7



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