What is the status of the Camp Lejeune lawsuit?

As of May 25, There have been no settlements under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act as of today. The Department of the Navy is still working on implementing a portal that will accept personnel records, medical records and billing statements and other documentation that may be necessary to support a CLJA claim.

Given the current state of the Camp Lejeune litigation, the legal process remains unclear, and there is no definitive timeline for its resolution. Many people are growing increasingly frustrated with the slow progress, despite the PACT Act being passed in 2012. 

The urgency surrounding these cases cannot be overstated, with many victims facing devastating health conditions and requiring compensation for medical treatment and care.

That’s why, on this episode of the Cut to the Chase: Podcast, Gregg Goldfarb interviews Marcus Susen, a rising star in the mass tort world and a leading attorney in the Camp Lejeune litigation. 

Join Gregg and Marcus on “Cut to the Chase” as they discuss how to: Discover the intricate details of Camp Lejeune toxic water contamination and ongoing legal battles.

Grasp the reasons behind the frustration with the government’s slow response to resolving claims. Master the legal process for filing claims and negotiating settlements in cases like this.

Recognize the need for strong leadership and effective communication to expedite the case. Understand the urgency to resolve the cases and provide proper compensation for affected veterans.

Marcus Susen is a dedicated lawyer working toward a fair outcome for the victims of Camp Lejeune. Throughout the interview, he emphasizes the importance of advocacy, urgency, and communication in resolving the case. His firsthand experience and deep understanding of the situation give him valuable insights that make him an ideal legal representative for the many veterans who are still seeking justice and compensation for the harm they and their families have suffered due to the Camp Lejeune contamination.

The resources mentioned in this episode are: Visit the Department of Navy to file a claim if you were affected at Camp Lejune.

Contact your Congress representatives to put pressure on the Department of Navy to resolve the claims.

Wait for the Department of Navy to set up an infrastructure to help them process and evaluate all the claims.

Apply for leadership to represent the common issues of all the plaintiffs and claimants. Marcus Susen’s website: https://susenlawgroup.com/about-us/ 

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