Have you had your crypto currency vanish or been stolen? Maybe you were victimized by a crypto currency scam or found out that the exchange that is holding your crypto has gone bankrupt.   Many who have bought crypto ended up storing their it at FTX, one of the larger exchanges run by Sam Bankman-Fried only to find out that Sam overleveraged FTX and ended up fleeing the country while getting charged with a host of criminal charges resulting from how he managed FTX and literally squandered vast amounts of the crypto being held by FTX’s customers.   Some of you might have fallen prey to one of the many crypto scams where nefarious characters in far away places duped you into transferring your crypto for the promise of high yields just to hold your crypto. Many of you that were victimized have given up hope on recovering any of your crypto.    

Well one of our generation’s premier trial lawyers, who has spent two decades successfully challenging some of the worst corporate actors on the planet for products that pollute, kill or maim us and the planet, Bryan Aylstock, has expanded his repertoire into the world of cryptocurrency to  help the victims of some of these crypto scams.   Today, we’re joined by Bryan F. Aylstock of Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis & Overholtz, as he explains how is helping victims of the FTX meltdown, pig butchering and other crypto scams try and recover some or all of their crypto.

A magna cum laude history graduate from the University of North Florida and top of his class at the Levin College of Law, Bryan has built a career focused on individuals harmed by defective pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. 

He has served as Coordinating Co-Lead counsel for five separate Multi-District Litigations and regularly speaks at conferences on complex mass tort issues.

In 2001, Bryan founded his firm, now composed of 21 attorneys and 150 staff members. They’ve handled the claims of more than 10,000 clients over the past 21 years, showing a strong commitment to justice. 

This episode is a deep dive into the world of cryptocurrency scams, the challenges in tracing cybercriminals, and innovative legal methods to hold them accountable. It’s a perfect blend of legal intricacies and crypto insights.

Join Gregg and Bryan on “Cut to the Chase:” as they discuss:

– What happened at FTX and how his law firm is trying to recover the lost crypto for his clients.

– The process of tracing cybercriminals across borders.

– How his firm is using NFTs to effectuate service of process on these foreign scammers who are hiding under rocks in far away locations.

– How victims of crypto scams can reach out to their firm.

Key Takeaways for Lawyers in this episode are:

– Diligence is key in the crypto world; research before investing.

– The anonymity of crypto doesn’t make fraudsters completely untraceable.

– Innovative legal methods can be employed to bring scammers to justice.

About the Guest: Bryan F. Aylstock is one of the premier trial lawyers of our generation. A magna cum laude history graduate from the University of North Florida and valedictorian at the Levin College of Law, he founded his firm in 2001. The firm, now consisting of 21 attorneys and 150 staff members, has assisted over 10,000 clients primarily affected by defective pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Bryan’s expertise in complex litigation and mass tort cases has led him to serve as Coordinating Co-Lead counsel in five Multi-District Litigations (MDLs). Renowned in his field, Bryan has been recognized as “Best Attorney” in 2013 and regularly speaks at attorney education conferences. He is licensed to practice in all state and federal courts in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, as well as the US Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

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