Yes folks-big breaking news here on the largest mass tort ever….the 3M combat earplug litigation involving nearly 250,000 veterans that are suffering hearing loss, tinnitus or both due to earplugs sold to the military by 3M for over a decade has settled after 4 years of litigation, 19 cases tried, numerous appeals, and efforts by 3M to seek bankruptcy protection. 

Mike Burns, from Mostyn Law Firm, has come onto Cut to the Chase: on numerous occasions over these 4 years trying to update this highly complicated case and has graced us once again with this last update. 

While the agreement  requires 3M to pony up to $6 billion, drop it’s appeals, pay the jury verdicts it has lost (totalling over $300 million), among other things, do not think that the resolution is over.     

For those vets out there that are involved in this case, you will be receiving communications from your lawyers explaining what you need to do to actually settle your particular claim.  

What each of the vets will get and when they get their share are things that will play out over time.   But first, those vets must comply with their lawyer’s instructions. 

For more details in terms of what the payments will be, what options the vets have (quick pay or going through the review process), you will have to download the podcast and listen in.   Mike is a ball of fire and a great guest, partially due to all his experience guesting on Cut to the Chase: 


On this episode of Cut to the Chase, Gregg and Mike discuss 5 Key Topics:

1- The 3M Earplug Case Overview:

– The case involves 3M earplugs causing hearing-related issues (tinnitus, hearing loss) for veterans.

– Approximately 250,000 veterans are part of this case.

– Litigation has been ongoing for four years.

– 3M unsuccessfully tried various legal tactics to fight these cases including losing 13 jury verdicts, appealing all of them and even having it’s subsidiary file for bankruptcy.

2- Settlement Agreement and Details:

– Mike Burns announces a settlement agreement with 3M, valued at a little over $6 billion.

– The settlement is intended to provide closure for 3M and compensation for plaintiffs.

– Judge Rogers desired a global settlement, which has been achieved.

– The settlement covers all 3M earplug cases.

– The agreement includes specific timelines and deadlines for various processes.

3- Processes for Compensation: 

– 5 main compensation…expedited pay, review, wave cases (cases that have been worked up for trial), opt outs and special review for seriously impaired vets.

– Expedited pay process categorized into tinnitus and hearing loss severity.

– Compensation amounts range from $5,000 to $24,000 depending on severity.

– Review process involves a thorough case assessment by a special master to determine compensation.

Opt-out process allows veterans to pursue their cases independently if they choose.

4- Case Management and Legal Procedures:

– The importance of timely signing of releases to receive compensation.

– Clearing up misconceptions: It’s not a quick paycheck; various procedures must be followed.

– Clarification on the misconception that 98% have to approve; it’s 98% participation that’s required.

– Details of 3M’s funding sources for the settlement, including insurance proceeds and stock conversion.

5- Impact and Resolution:

– The significance of resolving the case for veterans and the legal system.

– 3M’s obligations to dismiss ongoing appeals.

– The case’s role in alleviating the federal court docket’s congestion.

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Disclaimer: The information shared in this episode is for informative purposes and does not constitute legal advice.


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