As a lawyer, establishing yourself as an industry leader is crucial for your legal practice. In this episode of “Cut to the Chase,” host, Gregg Goldfarb, interviews Marco Salinas, an expert in helping business professionals position themselves as leaders through book writing.

Marco shares how writing a Q&A book, even if it’s just 60 pages, can position you as an industry expert and generate leads for your legal practice. He also emphasizes the importance of marketing and giving the book away for free as a business card. 


In this episode of “Cut to the Chase”  we discuss:

  • How writing a Q&A book can position lawyers as industry leaders and generate leads for their legal practice.

  • Why shorter Q&A books can be just as effective as full-length novels for establishing expertise and authority.

  • When giving away the book for free as a business card and investing in marketing are crucial steps for maximizing the benefits of a book.

  • What the impact is of a printed book vs. a digital PDF for marketing impact and lead capture

Tune in to learn how you can use a book to elevate your legal practice and stand out in your industry.

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