On this episode of Cut to the Chase:, licensed therapist Chris Paige discusses the disorder called Akathisia.   A little known disorder that needs much more research to understand how to treat, Chris explains this disorder that many confuse with restless leg syndrome, or in Yiddish parlance-shpelkis.    The disorder can be caused by antipyscotic drugs but much is needed in the way to fully understand how it is caused and how to treat the disorder.   Chris has taken it upon himself to setup the Institute for Akathisia for these very purposes.   And he is throwing a fundraiser this Friday in West Palm Beach with live music, food and drink.    

Here is the details for the Institute.  https://akathisiainstitute.org/

The fundraiser will take place January 27, 2023 at Lake Pavilion 101 S. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, Fl, starting at 6 PM.   Hope you attend.  




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