In this compelling episode of the “Cut to the Chase: Podcast,” host Gregg Goldfarb continues his in-depth conversation with Micha Star Liberty from Liberty Law. 

In the second part of their discussion, they delve into the disturbing prevalence of sexual abuse, especially among young workers and within institutional settings. 

Micha shares her insights on the critical need for accountability, the impact of the #MeToo movement, and the challenges victims face when coming forward with their stories. 

The conversation also explores legislative changes and the importance of trauma-informed approaches in dealing with victims and perpetrators alike. 

Micha highlights ongoing legal efforts and provides valuable advice on navigating the statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases.


In this episode of Cut to the Chase: Gregg and Micha discuss: 

1. Prevalence of Sexual Abuse:

  • Sexual abuse is alarmingly widespread in environments assumed to be safe for children, such as schools, youth detention centers, and organizations like Boy Scouts and churches.

  • The conversation references current articles in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times highlighting the issue.

2. Importance of Accountability:

  • Micha emphasizes the necessity of holding perpetrators accountable to reduce recidivism and prevent future abuse.

  • Institutions often fail to protect victims due to systemic issues and a lack of stringent enforcement of rules.

3. Impact of the #MeToo Movement:

  • The #MeToo movement has increased awareness and enabled more victims to come forward, although not enough progress has been made in institutional responses and credibility of victims.

  • Victim blaming and disbelief remain significant barriers for those seeking justice.

4. Institutional Sexual Abuse:

  • Perpetrators often seek positions where they have access to children. The discussion includes the Boy Scouts’ attempt to implement safer practices.

  • Progress is incremental, as perpetrators frequently find ways to bypass rules.

5. Legal Perspectives and Statute of Limitations:

  • Micha explains the complexities surrounding statutes of limitations across different states and discusses look-back windows that allow victims to file claims even after many years.

  • California has made notable legislative advances, including abolishing limitations periods for child abuse cases.

6. Government and Law Enforcement Role:

  • There is inconsistent progress among authorities in addressing sexual abuse cases, with some departments taking more proactive stances than others.

  • Micha shares specific examples from Los Angeles and highlights the need for improved training and accountability within law enforcement.

7. Legislation and Future Outlook:

  • Micha discusses important legislative efforts, including the federal “Earn It” Act and California’s SB 6, aimed at providing better legal recourse for survivors.

  • The episode concludes with a hopeful outlook for future advancements in protecting victims and combating sexual abuse.


Contact Information for Micha Star Liberty:

– Phone: 510-645-1000

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If you have been a victim of sexual abuse, especially in California, you may still have legal options, regardless of how long ago the incident occurred. Contact Micha Star Liberty for more information.


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