On this episode of Cut to the Chase:, Matt Hosen of Quinn Emmanuel discusses last Friday’s ruling by the Bankruptcy Court denying Aearo’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction for 3M.   Listen to Matt explain what a preliminary injunction would have meant in this litigation, the largest mass tort ever, and how the 230,000 vets who have suffered hearing loss and/or ringing in the ears.   As discussed on previous episodes, the bankruptcy filings literally insulted the presiding Judge, The Honorable Casey Rogers, as well as the multi district litigation system, despite the fact that 3M had requested and was provided the very procedural issues that 3M now rails against.    All the 229,980 or so cases now are back on track in front of Judge Rogers.   

So if you or a loved one were in the military from 2008 and suffered hearing loss and want to see if you can still get into this litigation, you can call Matt Hosen.   Here is his link.  https://www.quinnemanuel.com/attorneys/hosen-matthew/#:~:text=Biography%20Matt%20Hosen%20is%20an%20associate%20attorney%20based,on%20high-stakes%20commercial%2C%20antitrust%20and%20product%20liability%20litigation.


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