On this episode of Cut to the Chase: podcast, one of the lead counsel in the 3M Combat Earplug litigation cases representating the veterans, Mike Burns, discusses where things stand in the largest mass tort ever with over 230,000 veterans trying to get fair compensation from 3M after wearing defective earplugs that caused widespread hearing loss and tinnitus on our soldiers.   3M tried to get bankruptcy protection after losing against 13 of 19 veterans, but the bankruptcy court rejected that petition.   Meanwhile 3M has taken an appeal on that denial and against the 13 victorious veterans.    So not one soldier has been compensated.   The Judge ended the year by issuing an Order establishing that 3M was the sole party responsible for any of these 230000 cases.   Listen to Mike explain what all this means for the 230000 cases pending in front of Judge Rogers from the Northern District of Florida and the appellate courts.


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