If you’re feeling the frustration of constantly checking for updates on Aearo’s bankruptcy, appellate court hearings, and settlement options for the 3M earplug litigation, only to still feel lost and unsure, then you are not alone!

Mike Burns is a seasoned attorney who’s been keeping a close eye on the earplug litigation between 3M and Aearo. 

Known for his in-depth understanding of the case and its implications, Mike is the perfect guest to offer valuable insights on the legal intricacies and possible consequences. Bringing his easy-going and personable demeanor to the conversation, Mike is sure to make the complex topics more digestible for everyone tuning in.

Join Gregg and Mike on “Cut to the Chase” as they discuss how to:

  • Uncover recent developments in the 3M earplug lawsuit and Aearo’s financial difficulties.

  • Understand pivotal appellate court verdicts related to government contractor defenses.

  • Investigate the murky funding arrangement between Aearo and 3M concerning bankruptcy safeguards.

  • Explore an intriguing legal journey, a surfing mishap, and Mount’s current court battles over bankruptcy.

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The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Stay up-to-date on the 3M earplug litigation by listening to Cut to The Chase podcast with Gregg Goldfarb and Mike Burns.

  • For veterans who have been affected by the earplug defects, contact an attorney to see if you may be eligible for compensation.

  • If you are a plaintiff in the 3M earplug litigation, stay in touch with your lawyer for updates on the bankruptcy case and appeals.

  • Mike Burn’s website: https://www.maburns.com/ 

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