Antisemitism is on the rise since the Hamas attack on Israel October 7, 2023.   Whether online, on campuses, at small businesses, sporting events or entertainment, antisemitism has dramatically impacted Jews all across the globe.  On this episode of the Cut to the Chase: Podcast, Brian Siegal-regional director of the American Jewish Committee’s Miami and Broward office comes on the podcast to discuss the results of the American Jewish Committee’s

State of Antisemitism 2023 Report.   The report, largely conducted of surveying both American Jews and the general population from October 5th to November 21, 2023 on various issues related to antisemitism.   The results were disturbing to say the least, including a big jump of American Jews feeling less safe as Americans.     

Many students are literally terrified at some of the antisemitism taking place at Universities that goes unaddressed and uncorrected by the leaders of some of these universities.      A sold out concert in Chicago at the House of Blues by Jewish reggae star Matisyahu was cancelled due to antisemitic threats. Horrific conduct at soccer matches has resulted in fans getting banned.

Brian details how he and the American Jewish Committee (AJC) are combating antisemitism, wherever it takes place.   The AJC, a non-partisan organization that has been around since the early 1900s, works in tandem with world leaders, diplomats, members of Congress, and intergroup and interreligious coalitions to advance shared priorities.       As Brian explains, you too can help in various ways including by joining AJC’s Task Force that is trying to coax Congress to implement the U.S. National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism.  

Head to to see the data from the fifth annual report.    Check out to explore the depth and history of the problem and the conflict in Israel, as well as resources to help combat antisemitism. 

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