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Gregg Goldfarb | Walker v. Miami-Dade County | $1,500,000 verdict

This week Steve and Yvonne interview Gregg Goldfarb of Gregg M. Goldfarb, LLP ( and the “Cut to the Chase” Podcast (

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Guest Bio:

Gregg Goldfarb

Gregg Goldfarb has been diligently representing injured clients for over 25 years. He has helped thousands of clients in complicated litigation receive millions of dollars in compensation for their injuries. His extensive experience includes whistleblower litigation, mass tort claims, accidents, PIP insurance claims, and civil rights claims. A valued member of his community, Gregg has been advocating for the disabled community for 15 years, serving as past President of the South Florida Center for Independent Living, and starting an environmental non-profit called Clean Miami River.

With a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and a law degree from the University of Miami School of Law, Gregg has worked on over 5000 legal cases in state and federal court.

Gregg also hosts Cut to the Chase: podcast, which has nearly 100 episodes where he interviews the best lawyers in the country and on some of the biggest cases, and experts on topics ranging from the universe, energy, cryptocurrency, insurance, and even movies.

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Are you suffering from a serious injury due to no fault of your own? Did your household product, medicine, or medical device cause serious health damage? Are you overwhelmed by the pain, emotional stress, and financial pressure that has been forced on you and your family? Don’t wait or hope for justice — let Gregg Goldfarb help you demand it from the people responsible.