Roundup Case Reaches Settlement

Thousands of victims of non-Hodgkins lymphoma and their families found out this week that a settlement had been reached in the Roundup lawsuits. Bayer, owner of Monsanto the manufacturer of Roundup, agreed to a $10 billion settlement. This settlement is meant to resolve tens of thousands of claims that the company failed to warn consumers that Roundup was unsafe and could cause cancer. Settlement comes after three important trials delivered hefty verdicts for plaintiffs who had developed non-Hodgkins lymphoma after using Roundup.

This settlement represents one of the largest settlements in U.S. civil litigation history. There were complex negotiations around the settlement that went on for months producing separate agreements with different law firms. Plaintiffs will receive varying amounts. The settlement covers an estimated 95,000 cases with $1.25 billion set aside for future cases. Bayer hopes this settlement will resolve the issue of their failure to label their product as dangerous. This has been a difficult time for the cancer victims who have had to struggle financially and emotionally while fighting cancer.

Toll on the Victims

The plaintiffs in these lawsuits developed non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and in some cases, other forms of cancer, as a result of their use of the weed killer Roundup. Monsanto marketed the product as safe while having the knowledge that their product could cause cancer. Many plaintiffs have sustained significant losses as a result of their cancer. They have lost jobs and homes while they undergo costly cancer treatment. In addition, there is the emotional toll a cancer diagnosis can have on a victim and their family. In one case, a plaintiff died before a settlement was reached. There are a number of factors that will go into a calculation of how much settlement money each plaintiff will receive once everything is finalized. The settlements are expected to be structured so that they will be tax-free for the plaintiffs.

Contact a Dangerous Product Attorney

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