According to a new study in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, a new batch of consumer products, including some common pesticides, may be associated with an increased risk of death. Pyrethroids are a common pesticide used in lice treatments and on conventionally grown crops. The study found that this pesticide was linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

Pesticide Study

As part of the study, researchers followed people for an average of 14 years. The study looked at 2,116 adults with an average age of 43. All had provided a urine sample between 1999 to 2002. Researchers tested the samples for signs of exposure to pyrethroids. They then looked at data regarding the subjects’ health and socioeconomic status and whether they died during the study period. Researchers took into account a variety of factors, including diet quality, smoking status, and income and education levels.

The study found that those individuals who were exposed to higher levels of pyrethroids were more likely to die of any cause than those who had not been exposed. They were three times more likely to die from heart disease. A previous study conducted in China in 2017 had similar results regarding heart disease but did not examine the death rate. Researchers noted that further research is necessary to confirm these results.


Pyrethroids account for 30 percent of the pesticides used worldwide. They are also found in pet flea medications and in products used to protect against ants, roaches, mosquitoes, and ticks. Pyrethroids are the synthetic version of pyrethrin, which is an insecticide derived from the chrysanthemum flower. Pyrethroids are known for their ability to kill ticks and mosquitoes, and it is the chemical most used for mosquito spraying. They have some well-known short-term side effects, including itchiness and irritation, if they come in contact with your skin.  In addition, inhaling the pesticide can lead to headaches and nausea. However, little is known about the effects of long-term exposure to pyrethroids. This recent study adds new information.

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