Juul Improperly Marketed to Teens

Juul is the number one e-cigarette brand in the nation. The company markets itself as a safe alternative to smoking. However, there are questions about the actual safety of the product. It is of grave concern that Juul is now a popular product among teens. A 2018 survey found that 21% of high school seniors reported having vaped nicotine. This alarming trend has led many to look at the advertising and marketing campaigns used by Juul. Are they geared towards teens?

Study on Juul Marketing

A recent study by researchers with the Stanford Research into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising analyzed Juul’s marketing campaign from 2015 through 2018. The study looked at hundreds of Instagram posts, Tweets, emails, and advertisements. Researchers found that the marketing campaign was clearly targeted at young people. The study noted that the campaign featured models in their early 20s wearing trendy clothes and engaging in movements and poses evocative of underage teens. In addition, Juul compensated popular Instagram influencers for posting positive reviews of their product.

Juul also appealed to teenagers and other young people due to the wide range of flavored cartridges it offered. Advertising primarily featured sweet and fruity flavors such as mango and crème brulee. While these flavored pods are no longer sold in retail stores, their appeal was clearly targeted at young people.

Juul Under Fire

Juul was recently sued by California and New York for allegedly targeting teens with its marketing campaigns. This came after a series of lawsuits filed by parents, schools, and others against the company as illnesses related to vaping are on the rise. In addition, the e-cigarette company has become the target of federal regulators. The American Medical Association called for a complete ban on vaping products citing safety concerns, the rise of vaping among teens, and the fact that Juul advertises its product as a safe alternative to smoking without compelling evidence.

Contact a Product Liability Attorney

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