How 5 US Cities are Improving Bicycle Safety

With its beautiful weather and scenery, it would seem that Florida would be the perfect place to ride a bicycle. However, studies have shown that Florida is the deadliest state for bicyclists. Bicyclists take their lives in their hands on the streets of Florida cities. Some cities across the country faced similar issues and have taken steps to improve bicycle safety.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City has improved bicycle safety by protected bike intersections. Intersections are where the majority of bicycle accidents occur. Based on infrastructure pioneered by the Dutch, the city has built intersections that contain important safety features, including:

  • Protected curb extensions for bicycles
  • Waiting areas for cyclists in front of traffic
  • A buffer zone between bicyclists and cars
  • Bicycle-friendly signal lights that indicate when bikes should cross

The protected intersections will reduce crashes and cyclist stress-levels.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is a famously bike-friendly city and has taken steps to increase the usage of bicycles on city streets. Portland uses bike lanes and bike boxes that are painted green so that they stand out to drivers. Research shows that painted bike lanes and bike boxes improve safety and reduce conflict between bicyclists and drivers. In addition, right of way laws require that drivers yield to cyclists in the bike lane at all times.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Studies have shown that the more bicycles that are on the road, the safer it is for all cyclists. This is due to increased visibility. In an effort to increase the number of bicycles on the road, Philadelphia has instituted a bike-share program. The program, called Indego, has over 500 bikes and more than 60 stations across the city. Riders sign up for a membership and are able to borrow and return bikes at various points in the city.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder takes bicycle safety so seriously that it clears bike lanes of snow before roads. Boulder has also initiated a public awareness campaign, including signs around the city that remind drivers to allow three feet of space when passing a bicyclist. The campaign also reminds cyclists to never ride next to each other and always ride single file.

New York, New York

New York City has proven to be one of the most dangerous cities for bicyclists, with a rash of bicycle fatalities across the city in 2019. The city is responding to the deaths by instituting a $58.4 million bike safety plan. The plan includes the construction of more bike lanes, including protected bike lanes, which are the safest for cyclists. In addition, the city has altered the timing of traffic lights so that traffic moving at 15 mph can safely move through multiple green lights.

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