Hand Sanitizers Recalled Over Contamination

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers against the use of a number of hand sanitizer products that have been found to contain methanol, or a new contaminant 1-propanol, which has recently been found in some products. A number of hand sanitizers have been recalled, but there are still others that the FDA has warned against the use of.

Methanol Contamination

According to some experts, a number of manufacturers of hand sanitizer have deliberately replaced ethanol with methanol in their products as a cost-saving measure. Manufacturers have recalled products that tested positive for methanol. Methanol is a substance used in fuel and antifreeze and the toxic chemical can be poisonous if absorbed through the skin. It can be fatal if ingested.

In most cases, the ingredient methanol doesn’t even appear on the label. In order to keep up with hand sanitizer demand and the increasing cost of ethanol, some manufacturers began using the toxic chemical in their products. This places consumers at risk for methanol poisoning. Symptoms of methanol poisoning include nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, permanent damage to the nervous system, or death. Information about which products have been recalled can be found on the FDA website.

1-Propanol Contamination

The testing of hand sanitizer products by the FDA revealed that some contain another contaminant known as 1-propanol. The FDA is including these hand sanitizers on its list of dangerous products. According to the FDA, 1-propanol can be harmful and deadly if ingested. Young children who accidentally ingest hand sanitizer and adults who consume it as an alcohol substitute are most at risk. Ingesting 1-propanol can result in central nervous system depression, which can lead to death. Symptoms include confusion, decreased consciousness, and slowed breathing and pulse. Skin or eye exposure to 1-propanol can result in serious irritation, and there have been cases of skin allergic reactions as well. Consumers who have these hand sanitizer products should immediately stop using them and dispose of them. A complete list of unsafe hand sanitizers can be found on the FDA website.

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