E-scooter Accidents Causing Severe Eye Injuries

E-scooters have been rising in popularity across the country. They are a convenient way to get around the city, but they have also been the source of serious injuries. One of the most common injuries is a traumatic brain injury, which results from the fact that most e-scooter riders are not wearing helmets. However, other injuries are possible, and there’s a study that found that severe eye injuries are prevalent.

Serious Eye Injuries

Researchers from the University of California in San Diego (UCSD) evaluated data on 34 patients in the UCSD emergency room who had received treatment for facial injuries caused by e-scooter accidents. They found a surprisingly high rate of hospitalizations and the need for surgical intervention. Many of the injuries involved complex facial fractures of the bones around the eye and damage within the eye. There was an increasing number of ocular injuries caused by e-scooter accidents.

Researchers were surprised by both the severity and incidence of injuries. They found that 20% of the study participants suffered from intracranial hemorrhage or bleeding beneath the skull. In addition, 90% of the participants suffered from one or more facial fractures. Out of the 24 patients who received an eye exam, five had eyelid lacerations, one had a retinal hemorrhage, and another required surgery to relieve pressure buildup in the eye that led to temporary blindness. None of the patients studied were wearing helmets.

Use of Helmets

E-scooter companies have long supported minimizing regulations that would mandate the use of protective gear while using a scooter. Researchers note that there has been a rise in emergency department admissions across the country since the advent of e-scooters. The rationale behind the lack of helmet laws involving e-scooters is that companies want the scooters to remain a convenient mode of transportation that users can take advantage of at any time. If helmets were mandatory, then users would simply walk. However, users don’t understand the risks involved, and data from the study sheds light on how severe injuries can be.

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