AAa Report Shows Driver Assistance Technology Can Lead to Distracted Driving

Cars have evolved over the last 100+ years. Now new cars have a whole host of driver assistance technology for convenience and safety. Features like lane-keeper assist, adaptive cruise control, and collision avoidance have proven to be very useful. However, using these systems may lead to distracted driving.

Driver Assistance Technology

New research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that drivers with experience using advanced driver assistance technology were twice as likely to engage in distracted driving while using the systems. These advanced driver assistance systems include features like lane-keeper assist and adaptive cruise control. Drivers with less experience using the systems were less likely to drive distracted with the systems enabled than they were when the systems were not on.

AAA officials believe the research indicates that drivers experienced with these driver assistance systems become complacent behind the wheel. Driver assistance technology is a helpful safety tool, but drivers have to remain alert and engaged behind the wheel. If drivers over-rely on these systems, it can be dangerous.

The study analyzed video of on-road behaviors for two groups of drivers using advanced driver assist technology. Individuals in one group were given a vehicle with the technology and had significant experience using the technology in the past. The second group was given the same technology but had no experience using it. The study found that drivers who had more experience with the technology were more likely to drive distracted when the systems were engaged than when they were not. Distracted driving behaviors included texting and adjusting the radio. Drivers with less experience were more likely to be attentive when the systems were engaged.

Driver assistance technology has a great deal to offer in terms of safety and comfort, but it can never replace an attentive and engaged driver. Technology can be unreliable and has the potential to fail. Drivers should always remain alert when driving with these systems engaged. They should know how these systems operate and understand that driver assistance technology has its limitations.

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