5 Delayed Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore After an Accident

Car accidents are traumatic experiences, and everyone reacts differently when they are involved in one. You may walk away from an accident, considering yourself lucky that you weren’t injured. However, not all accident injuries present themselves right away, and the adrenaline caused by the accident can mask symptoms. Here are some delayed symptoms you shouldn’t ignore after an accident:

Neck Pain

Neck pain could be a sign of a serious injury such as whiplash. Whiplash is caused when your head is quickly jerked back and forth. Whiplash can be painful and usually doesn’t demonstrate symptoms until hours or even days after an accident. You should receive medical treatment for whiplash or any other neck injuries.

Back Pain

The force of an accident can cause a serious back injury which is why you should never ignore back pain that arises later. You could have a spine injury or a slipped disc. Back pain is often delayed or ignored and requires a medical examination.


Maybe you hit your head in the crash, or the jerking motion caused by the accident resulted in a head injury. You may have sustained a concussion which often results in delayed pain. Concussions and other head injuries aren’t always easily detectable.

Stomach Pain

Stomach pain can be a sign of a serious injury. You could have organ damage or internal bleeding. If you feel any type of stomach pain after an accident, it is important to seek medical assistance immediately.

Emotional Pain

Many people suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after an accident. PTSD can have a detrimental effect on your day-to-day life but can be helped with the use of therapy and/or medication. If you feel emotional pain after your accident, don’t be afraid to seek help.

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