4 Ways You Can Prepare for Your Deposition

A deposition is a pre-trial testimony that is taken during the discovery process of a case. During a deposition, an opposing attorney will ask you questions, and a court reporter will record your answers. Being deposed can be a scary event, but if you properly prepare, you’ll be ready.

Talk to Your Attorney

The most important thing you can do before a deposition is talking to your attorney. Your attorney will tell you what to expect and how you should handle the questions that are asked. Your attorney can also help you go over what happened and the evidence of your injuries, and the conduct at issue. Don’t be afraid to ask your attorney questions along the way.


Your attorney may want to practice a deposition with you, or you can ask a friend to help you out. Practice answering the questions that are asked and not going off on any tangents. The more your answer questions, the more you’ll feel prepared to undergo a deposition by opposing counsel.

Clear Your Mind

If you’re nervous and out of sorts, it can affect the way you perform at a deposition. Remember that opposing counsel is gathering information but is also assessing you as a potential trial witness. It’s important to remain calm. On the morning of the deposition, try going for a walk or practicing meditation to clear your mind. It may make you less nervous and help you be a better witness.

Prepare the Essentials

Another way to avoid being nervous is to prepare the essentials. Map out where you are supposed to go for the deposition so that you can give yourself adequate time to get there. You should dress like you’re going to court when you attend a deposition, so decide what you are going to wear the night before. Don’t be afraid to ask your attorney for advice.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

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