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Personal injuries come in all shapes and sizes. And most importantly, they are personal and need special attention from your lawyer. What type of compensation is available and obtaining the maximum result requires an attentive attorney with the knowledge and skill to produce the best results. I have been handling personal injury cases for almost two decades, ranging from automobile accidents, slip and falls and inadequate security cases.

My law firm has handled numerous defective product cases, including litigation involving diet drugs, Vioxx, defective hip replacements, and Avandia claims. Many times, these cases present complicated procedural issues including handling the matter within the context of Court procedures that can be daunting to the average attorney. My law firm has successfully recovered millions of dollars of individuals that have suffered serious damage as a result of defective products. We handle these cases anywhere in country.

During my two decades, my law firm has also successfully handled numerous civil rights matters, including obtaining million dollar verdict against Miami-Dade County as a result of it’s police officers attacking an individual suffering mental illness. My law firm also successfully sued Miami-Dade County’s public transportation system and caused numerous barriers for the disabled to be corrected to enable those in wheel chairs and the blind to better utilize the public buses and metro mover.

My law firm has also handled numerous employment matters, both representing small business owners and individuals over harassment claims, whistleblowing, and discrimination. Whether your claim is at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, in Federal or State Court, let my law firm help you get the result you needs.



I have represented hundreds of healthcare providers and successfully recover tens of millions of dollars for them. I have litigated numerous cases against almost every insurance carrier in the State of Florida bringing quick and effective resolution to these disputes and putting the money in the pockets where they belong – THE CLIENTS. In addition to bringing thousands of lawsuits on behalf of these medical providers to a successful conclusion, I also provide general counsel to these medical providers on a variety of issues ranging from regulatory, criminal, and overall business development.


As part of my practice, I have had the opportunity to make numerous individuals injured due to automobile accidents, falls, dog bites, and other unfortunate episodes. Getting my clientele full, complete and rapid recovery is my number one aim.


My offices have handled thousands of first party insurance claims. Those are the types of claims when you sue your insurance company when they wrongfully handle your claims. Those claims can be for insurance for your automobile, property, medical, and others. My office has successfully represented numerous clients, including medical clinics, in these battles with insurance companies.

Whether you have an automobile accident, a tree branch crashing on your house, medical problems that keep you from working, we will work closely with you to understand all parts of your claim and do a thorough analysis of the damages you suffered.

If you own a medical clinic and treat patients for injuries related to automobile accidents, we can help. The laws have changed and it is important to know the new deadlines and new requirements to get paid in full.


Whether it be a defective hip replacements, (Duputy), diet drugs (Phen/Fen), pain relievers (Vioxx), and other defective products, my law firm has successfully recovered substantial sums of money several individuals injured by these products. Currently my law firm is involved in litigation with Duputy and Avandia. Where the cases are brought individually, as part of multi district litigation or as a class action, my law firm has handled cases to the satisfaction of numerous severely injured or discriminated injuries.


I have had the opportunity to represent whistleblowers who have helped both the federal and state government recover tens of millions of dollars of money stolen from the government is being defrauded, whether due to medicare fraud, government contractors gone awry, tax payer fraud, your knowledge might result in big recoveries for the government and big bounties for you.


Unfortunately, governments and businesses are continually violate the civil rights of the disabled and ordinary citizens, whether due to barriers to using transportation, accessing buildings or other programs. Much of my civil right litigation has been designed to not only bring adequate compensation for those discriminates, but also achieve wholesale changes to afford the public equal protection and access to all.