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Roundup® Weed Killer Case

The Grass Isn't Always Greener

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You may believe that Roundup® weed killer just kills weeds and the like! However, a recent verdict against Monsanto Roundup’s manufacturer showed it was a major factor in a customer’s cancer for which he was awarded substantial damages. Roundup®, treats weeds, poison ivy, poison oak and many other overgrowths. It is widely used in farming, landscaping and horticulture as well as by home gardeners.  If you have been a Roundup® user and suffered health issues, it could be due to exposure to Roundup™. You may have a case against Monsanto and its parent, the giant multinational company, Bayer.


Firstly, to determine if you have a case against Monsanto and to pursue it, is no cost to you. It will take a little time, but once you provide some basic facts, the lawyers take over and there is little more for you do to. There can no guarantees but, if you win, the reward could be a worthwhile amount.  Let’s be upfront, about 40% goes to the lawyers for the work they do, litigation costs, including expert testimony, as well as reimbursing for any prior related medical expenses. The balance is yours and frankly, this is your best chance of getting reasonable compensation.   Remember, you only have a certain amount of time to file your lawsuit before you lose your right to do so.   Each state might have different rules about how long you have to file your lawsuit.


Deciding on which lawyer will do the best job for you is not easy. You should certainly look for expertise and experience with defective products and disability cases. Monsanto is likely to fight back and hard, so they need to have at their disposal the resources and networking into the research facilities of a big law firm. Also, your attorney should have passion, personal drive and sheer determination to make it right for the little guy against the wrongdoing of a big corporation.

Your starting point should be a discussion with Gregg Goldfarb, the principal of the Goldfarb LLP law firm. He not only has the credentials, including close to 25 years of experience in litigation against some of the biggest companies and the Government. Gregg is tenacious, fighting for what is right and your dedication while serving for our country. He is here to help you.

There is no downside to giving Gregg a call at 305.374.7000 (or enter your email or phone number below) for him to make contact.

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