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What Happens if I Injured Someone in A Florida Car Accident and The Insurance Company Refused to Settle Within My Policy Limits Then a Jury Awards Damages in Excess of My Policy Limits?

Technically speaking you are responsible for any damages over the limits of your policy. However, many insurance companies, especially good insurance companies will basically take care of those damages as well. I would not rely on that, however, during the case oftentimes your insurance company might not want to settle within the policy limits. In that case, oftentimes they will tell you whether they will cover you for any excessive damages, those will be money that’s over and above what your policy limits are. However, you really need to pay attention to what is going on in the case and if you feel like your insurance company is not representing your best interest you might want to hire your own attorney to try to obtain the best result for you, in addition to the attorney that the insurance company has provided for you.