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I loaned my car to a friend who was involved in a Florida car accident. Am I liable if my friend was at fault?

Under Florida law, the owner of the vehicle is always responsible for the damages caused by that vehicle. The fact that you loaned your car to someone else does not absolve you of responsibility. The fact of the matter is the driver, your friend, might actually also be responsible for part of the damages. However, you will not be off the hook.

Do I have a case against the car manufacturer if the air bags in my car did not deploy during my Florida auto accident case?

The answer is possibly. It will depend upon a variety of circumstances. If you suffer an extensive injury and you feel that the airbags would have possibly reduced the injury, I would definitely speak to an attorney. Your attorney is going to need to evaluate whether the airbags were supposed to go off in the first place and if they were defective and if that’s what caused them not to go off. I would definitely get a qualified opinion maybe from two attorneys if the first attorney does not believe that you have a case.

Increased Traffic Fatalities, Increased Premiums

Driving has become more dangerous according to the National Safety Council.    According to the NSC, a nonprofit organization that tracks highway safety, traffic deaths have increased 14%.   This increase followed years of decline.   Both Geico and Allstate will be raising premiums to counter this expenses associated with additional claims.   Industry analysts predict that the increased premiums will continue to more than just this year.

A few factors apparently are causing the increase, including the advent of texting, as well as increased driving due to increased employment.  Most States have laws on the books to combat texting and cellular devices while driving, however, these laws do not seem to be stopping the new phenomenon.  According to the NSC, one in four automobile accidents involves cellular phone usage.

Economic factors are also causing increased driving including substantially lower gas prices and more people working.    The more people working, the more people driving to work and the more people with additional income that can be spent on driving not associated with work.   The prior decline in deaths was caused by better made vehicles, stricter enforcement of drunk driving laws, and more frequent use of seat belts.

One possible way to combat the distractions involving cellular phone usage is the driverless vehicle.    But don’t expect driverless vehicles to be at your local dealer anytime soon.   While some States have already passed regulations guiding the industry, no State is permitting driverless vehicles for the average driver.